Thursday, December 17, 2009

The best feeling in the World is the feeling of being loved.

Yes, it is.
A single message expressing that love when you are in a cracked- state in a crowded room can make it the most interesting place ever to be inhabited.
On a lazy holiday afternoon, sitting with your friends and just talking about under-the-sun things, with them, giving this yes, I-like-you look and somehow radiate this I-will-be-with-you-forever look can make it the bestest afternoons ever.
In those really long mails, or those not-even-two-sentences mails, just the sense of being loved is all that matters. Thats what keeps us going.

[Yes, Our lives revolve around "but" a lot these days. :P]
Expecting it is always your "way to hell".

Never expect, Just let it happen and feel. :)

Feel loved. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lessons Learnt.

You know what college taught me?
It taught me how to not depend completely on the place you go to daily.
There is life beyond that. and before that.
You don't have to compulsorily spend your entire undivided attention there.
It taught me how to spend time with people i love and care about and realise their importance.
It showed me the negatives of thy people.
It gave me space {Although I din't need it. :P}

It bursted my bubble of thoughts and showed an entire new world. :)
Well, I appreciate that.
I learnt my lessons.


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