Saturday, August 3, 2013

A stop on the journey.

When you meet someone very close to you after years, hug them realising HOW much they mean to you in your life and how much you've missed just seeing that face around and talking to each other in person, seeing the change the past 4 years brought in your life, in you, and how very much things have changed. How circumstances build on you and make you who you are now. You drop a tear or two, and try to accept the change and continue to walk through this journey of yours.

Some times the past really haunts you.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Finally, welcome 2013.

In a good place right now.
Read a lot. Feel that satisfaction only an avid reader can feel.
Life seems alright.
I made it alright. :D
People judge you, but you can just as well tell them to buzz off. It doesn't really matter. Trust me. :D
Started writing again. After a really long time.
If you are not in a good space mentally, if you don't feel what you write, then it just doesn't come out. 
If its not from the heart, it doesn't connect.
I've often heard from people that my writing connects them to me. I thought it was a very common thing- till about my first year of college. Then, I realized not everyone can do that. 
Lucky me. :)
So, I went underground too scared to open my heart when I wasn't ready for it.
Now I am. It feels like home, again! :)
I am opening myself to feeling things again. Good, bad, whatever! It's worth every penny! 
Here's a hope of travel, learning, happiness, those silent moments, warmth from the ones you love, sunshine, food, snow, nature and a lot more new experiences! Second half of 2013, you better make up for the first half!

You are already showing me lots of promise. Please keep it that way.

Friday, February 22, 2013

For I fear
I might end it
the last of the relationships
from the days of yore.
That one link
which binds me
to the past
and the years gone by.
Even if it kills me,
from the inside,
my heart,
more than my mind,
is ready to take it all.
The pain,
the walls,
the ire of it on me,
et all.

I think I am breaking from the inside,
to form something new,
with the parts of the old,
building something stronger.


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