Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Looks like I come here only when I am on the negative side of life.
Dear blog, you are my savior!
when I need perspective.
or my vent-box.
Sigh, I promise i'll be good to you and make an effort to express happiness here more often.

Day started on a hauntingly bad note. Had an argument with maa and then a bad exam. So, instead of sitting and sulking in a corner, I decided to live it up, and galloped to the nearest mall to watch a movie I was waiting for, for a long time - Tintin. Alone. Alone time is good. But not for too long. The city has become the busiest this past semester and slowly, daily meetings and checking with people from time to time - are taking painfully long.
Or like some people say, "it's just the age".
I thought the most adventurous part of the day was watching the movie, but little did I know, it was just the beginning.
Within 2 minutes of reaching home, I ended up under a broken shelf with a broken finger and chocolate syrup on my face.
And, the rambling w.o.n.t. stop.

I need mental peace.
I need a room of my own.
I need love - real. Not virtual.
I need excitement.

I need direction in life.


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