Saturday, July 10, 2010

And evenings like these.. :)

An afternoon, tired, sleepy and hungry, I went,
a movie unfinished, he slept,
a movie finished, I slept,
and she got chinese, and we ate. :)
With smiles as innocent as children and those lazy afternoons in the summer. We sat and we talked, we made fun of each other, we missed a piece of the square, who was soon coming home, to us.
We laughed and we laughed, because thats how he lives his life, and makes ours. 
She goes.
and then me and he remain. I learn how to play a guitar and realise they are pure genius.  

We did absolutely nothing, but then we did everything. :) 

Fought like 2 year old kids, screamed, fooled around with our fb a/cs.. Ate "maggi".
Simple joys. :) 
Sat on the couch, spoke. Life, the future. People assume he doesn't think much. I din't. I was right.
The course, two problems of life, where we and they separate.
and water trickled. He says,"You know why I don't usually talk about these with you? Just look at yourself in the mirror."

There was warmth somewhere deep inside. and i felt cold.
Slow evening it was, life was fast. 
From the kids we were to the thoughts now. With 18, comes responsibility. 

I din't know so much was going on in your head. Funny brain it was! 4 years or 10 years, or when all of us get married, the course of life will always take us together, in a journey I chose to travel with you, forever.

I promise, distance will never matter, we won't make it matter.

Life was good. Life will be even better.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I heard somewhere that early morning dreams come true.
I hope it does.


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