Thursday, November 26, 2009


The day India prayed for Mumbai,
The day I prayed for those poor souls who left this world,
The day a Nation was glued to the Television sets,
in the hope to find their loved ones who were out for dinner there,
The day the journalists of the country got together. For the country.
To give the "news" as they call it.
I still feel jitters thinking of the day,
It was all over me,
For my people stayed there.
For my people fought there.
I remember the hours passed by, with no sleep, no peace,
Just the need to see our wish.
I got questions in my mind.
Many of them.
Voiced them, but then In the old India, until we grow around 80, no one hears us.
A new Nation awoke after the blasts,
a more careful, a more learnt India.
But, this was not the price to be paid,
poor innocent lifes.
The great soldiers of my country,
I salute to you.
But, let their lives not go in vain.
India. Wake up.
I say this not to keep up with the monotonous saying,
but to really put across a point to the world.
India. HAS woken up.

One year on, We still remember.


  1. TOUCHING!! :) i salute too :-)

  2. Seriously... those three days were relly difficult for every Indian or every "human being" for that matter to see, and actually believe what was going on....



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