Saturday, November 28, 2009

A new experience. :)

This Bengali-Telugu inter-caste marriage that I attended?
turned out to be a whole new experience.
The difference between those two religions and their uniqueness at the same time came crashing down on me when i was passing around those "Akshintalu" [yellow rice we use to Give blessings? Yeahh! THAT one.]
and then this Bengali Lady who took a few while i was passing it around nearly ATE them thinking that was some special kind of rice. I had to stand and explain them that this is used for giving blessings.
Its not elders always who teach stuff. :P
Then people who have known me since childhood actually realised that i had grown from a kid to a girl. :)
The rituals, the dances, the horn-blowing which is so famous in their culture. Everything. was new to me.
New people. New friends.
Thanks for a Thankful Thanksgiving.

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